The Flower has a Message for you

Listening beyond

All the way from the stars I hear the Essence of the flowers sing. My voice picks it up – the LifeTones of the Flowers! Messages to touch and awaken something in you, beyond words.


Do you want to receive LifeTones of the Hibiscus’ Pistil?

Take a moment first to breathe & arrive,
maybe put a hand on your heart
Listen with your heart
you don’t have to understand…

Pop your headphones on
for optimal experience – and press Play on the video here:

You may listen many times (with fullscreen) to allow your system to receive this short concentrate!

Want more? The Pistil is part of the full LifeTones Journey to the Heart of Hibiscus, see below!


“…this was exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I can’t describe it in words, it felt like a deep longing was fulfilled

/ Nataliya


LifeTones Journey to the Heart of Hibiscus

Immerse yourself in vibrant flower frequencies in this online journey when you’re curious to:

  • expand your connection with flowers & nature
  • immerse yourself & upgrade through the pure vibrations of Hibiscus
  • connect deeply to your heart and enjoy being You in your uniqueness
  • nurture your own unique expression


Do you feel Hibiscus calling you, or playing with a warmth in your heart? Join us anytime between May 28 and July 16!

Journey to the Heart of Hibiscus

A near-flower experience in a flowerful powerful virtual space
What’s Hibiscus inviting you to experience, explore and express…?

What’s LifeTones of the Flowers?



LifeTones of the flowers are inviting you to connect deeper with nature, and with your own true nature. They playfully remind you of the exquisite treasures of Life itself. They love to liberate joy, give you an energy boost or embrace you in peace during a storm.

They are Messages beyond words, opening for the wondrous magic shimmering everywhere within and around you!

The flowers master the art of simply being who they are–that which was present already in the seed, as a unique Gift to all of creation. They radiate it through their mere presence.

I hear IT when I meet the flower – and the voice sings along. I carry my handy recorder so I can share it, with you! LifeTones of the Flowers, lifting the veils between worlds, inviting you to see the Miracles of Life.

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Linnea, Twinflower

Receive Messages of Twinflower

Journey high & deep with Twinflower at your own pace

LifeTones of Twinflower – the Journey »


Arrive in the magical Green World of the flowers, guided through a soundscape of LifeTones (9 min mp3)

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What’s it like to experience LifeTones of the Flowers?

Listen to Dominique Giroux’s sharing, from the last call of LifeTones of Twinflower – the Journey:

This gave me an essential sense of belonging. I have lived a life where I have been alone and done things my own way. The journey with these gorgeous and powerful flowers has showed me that I am part of the whole, of the big everything. It feels so wonderfu!

/ Agnetha Blomberg McCormack

Anna gives me access to a world I’m not sensitive enough to access on my own! This journey has been like a link to the essence of life. It has opened the soul’s portal to the little, simple flowers, who are mirrors of the greatness of life itself! Listening to their world of tones has given me peace and reconnected me to the Great Love

/ Moa Koskelainen

I listened to the beautiful Bluebell. How beautiful, nurturing, and safe with your magical tones. So wonderful with your voice, the song, the sounds, the entire gentle symphony in the background… Like pure love spreading out into the world

/ Mialotta Arvidsson Mars

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LifeTones with Heather & butterfly

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