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Watch Your Heart Open

Receive this short series with LifeTones – to come home in your heart and experience the miracle that you are!

You will also receive VoxAnna’s museletter to your email now and then.

I’ll send these free audios & video to your email over the next two weeks. LifeTones inviting you to OPEN – RECEIVE – PLAY:

Rallarros och pyramid

1. Open Your Heart

A LifeTones gift for you to be Home in your body, Home in your Heart

Rallarros och pyramid

2. Receive the Message

A unique message for you, through the LifeTones of the flower

Rallarros och pyramid

3. Play with the Gift of being You

A wonder-filled, guided sound alchemy experience to your here & now

You will also receive:

LifeTones of the Flowers 2024 🌸

A new flower and its message to your email every month.
Short videos (1-3 minutes) that I haven’t shared elsewhere – only for the newsletter. For your expansion & enjoyment!

These emails are like the light itself! /Gunnel

How playful and freeing to listen to you and these light tones! They go right into the heart and body without resistance

This is the most expansive newsletter I have ever experienced! Beautiful!!

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