LifeTones of Twinflower: The Journey

Let the Essence of Twinflower touch and awaken something new in you in this self-paced, vibrant flower journey with LifeTones, LightSounds, soundbaths & light codes!

1250 kr

Within each flower there’s a unique vibration, a Song.
It has a message for you.

Are you curious to receive?

Twinflower/Linnéablomman is here to open your heart for the magic of your reality – inside of you and all around!
A reality vibrating with love at its core.

Receive this downloadable journey with a series of activating & harmonising Twinflower LifeTones, soundbaths & meditations at your own pace

At the core are five LifeTones of Twinflower videos/audios – and your own experiences while watching and listening.

But first of all there’s BIRTH: a wonder-filled guided LifeTones Soundscape Journey (audio) that’s the starting point of it all.

You will also receive three soundbaths to assist you through the phases of this journey: Activation, Connection & Integration.

Moreover, I share additional assistance in a few shorter videos. You will be invited to our blossoming private flower community for everyone who received LifeTones of the Flowers. A sacred space to share, receive and get together. I do live calls with soundbaths occasionally in the group so we can connect live!

What You Get in this Journey

  • 4 Twinflower LifeTones & LightSounds videos + audios (1.30 – 4 min)
  • 1 Twinflower LifeTones & LightSounds audio (4 min)
  • 3 prerecorded live soundbath audios (23-30 min)
    with 3 introduction videos (approx 10 min each), assiting your through the phases of INTEGRATION, CONNECTION, ACTIVATION
  • 1 Guided LifeTones collage wonder-filled Journey: BIRTH (audio 10 min)
  • 1 Flower Foreplay meditation audio (5.30 min)
  • A series of videos to assist you
  • Community & assistance in our private FB-group (with live calls and soundbaths occasionally)

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