Your Unique LifeTones

The Clarity to Remember Who You Are

– Are you feeling called to meet yourself high & deep and expand into new experiences of the Gift that you are?

– Are you here to live from the Heart?

– Do you want to experience & expand the Joy of being You?

What’s the Gift that Life itself wants to bring to the world through your Uniqueness…?


Anna vid tjärnen där hon lockar toner

Hi, I’m Anna

– It makes my heart sing that you are here! I hear Life itself sing its unconditional song of joy in you. I hear it with clarity. The Essence of who you are. Beyond adaptation and expectations.

It’s the greatest honour for me to play with it. The Essence vibrates, radiates, tickles – inviting my voice to do what it was wired for: to journey to your Source and playfully tune in to your unique frequencies. So that more of who you are can vibrate here & now and awaken in you – and you can enjoy even more the Gift that you are!

Your unique LifeTones – that’s what I came to call them when premature Vide chose life on Earth while I sang his tones.

LifeTones are a bridge to your Heart
To your greatness, your wisdom, your divinity
To your multidimensional being, your Whole Self
To your inherent joy, love & peace!

Your Heart is ready to nourish you & the world in new ways…

Is it calling you…?

I am here, ready to tune in! With the greatest honor & joy

Shall we play…?


LifeTones goes to the depth of your being to resonate OUT all that is not aligned with your highest expression of self/highest truth, and allows it to release, while strengthening and calling IN all that is your highest life!

/ Dr. Kim D’Eramo
founder of American Institute of MindBody Medicine

Come shine as WhoYou Are

Invitation to Your Unique LifeTones

Is it time for Your Unique LifeTones?

Are you inspired to:


  • live the New
  • activate new potential and experience yourself in new ways
  • harmonise your system in alignment with who you are
  • feel at Home within yourself
  • experience your innate unconditional joy
  • open yourself to new octaves of consciousness
  • let the old be transmuted beyond the struggle of working on yourself
  • meet yourself, letting the power of your heart hold you so you can rest and be solid as your light expands
  • boost yourself with new frequencies from your own source of Joy, Love & Light



    Upgraded YOU – upgraded LifeTones:
    if you have received your LifeTones before

    You are always NEW. Your Life tones always sound new.
    They meet you where you are, with exactly what is your highest good right NOW.

    Feel into if and when it is time for you.
    Do you want to have a chat first to check in if it’s time? Contact me here »


    As someone who spends a lot (too much!?) time in her head, listening to LifeTones helps ground me back into my pure essence. I listen to them when I want to connect more deeply with myself, when I want to feel inspired in my work, when I need help trusting that all will be ok….they are immediately transformative and truly like no gift I have known before. Thank you, Anna, for being willing to share your gift with all of us!

    / Nicola Dehlinger

    Med Dr, Pura Vida Health

    I listened to my LifeTones again this morning, after not having listened for a week or so.  I felt like a flower opening up to the sun as I listened. Your gift is so incredibly powerful and beautiful. Thank you Anna

    Elizabeth Pinney Hall

    Intuitive eating coach,

    I love my LifeTones and feel complete and whole when I listen. I feel Plenitude. They allow me to feel all qualities of the heart at once.
    The first time I listened, I immediately burst into tears as the first note came out of your mouth. It was like my soul was aching for them somehow, like a reuniting of two people that hadn’t seen each other in years had finally come face to face.
    I also notice a feeling of transcendence when listening. I’m able to tap into all the truths of Divinity. It’s very powerfully potent!

    Dr Nicole Bailey

    Bailey Family Chiropractic

    I am so enjoying these Lifetones, they activate and harmonise at the same time. It goes much beyond what our brains can comprehend but I can feel the profoundness and divinity of it!

    / Tania Russell


    When Anna sang, my entire body responded. First when the music was slow and the tones were low, the energy started at the bottom and started to slowly climb up my body, spiraling like a vortex inside of me. As Anna’s voice grew louder and the notes became higher, the spiraling increased in speed and whirled around me. I could feel the energy coming alive in my cells. As Anna’s notes crescendoed to an almost piercing pitch, perhaps a high B or G, the whirling entered my head, I could feel heat and buzzing energy whirling around in my head, touching all the pain I had and escaping through my scull. As the song ended, I felt lighter, energized, happy, excited, joyful. Anna has such a unique gift, and I feel blessed to have experienced it

    / Roma Clasper

    An experience with four streams:

    Halo Brännatjärn


    The experience & recording of your tones. An mp3-file (ca 8-15 min) that you can download to your phone and devices. Easily accessible whenever you want to listen


    Your daily meetings with yourself through the tones – in the new spaces & possibilities that open up within you. Your “practice,” your play! Where the tones – YOU – land in your reality

    Anna assisterar i skogen


    I walk side by side with you and hold the frequencies of your highest Light. You receive love-notes, videos, sounds & tones for harmonisation & integration

    Sacred Space


    Our private community for everyone who has received their LifeTones through VoxAnna. Sharings, community, receiving and being received. Here, I respond to what is going on. From time to time, we have online soundbaths to connect & expand together live!

    How it works

    Your Unique LifeTones REMOTE
    (no appointment)

    I open Sacred Space for us, for you and your Life Tones, for your experience to activate, expand, integrate. For the highest potential for you and the Whole. We connect heart to heart, and I tune into your Essence, inviting your unique Life Tones.

    I tune in and record your tones whhen they come. The process works beyond time and space, so we do not need to be in the same physical or virtual room. (Would you prefer to receive them LIVE? See LIVE option)

    You receive the recording via email (mp3-file, typically about 8-15 minutes).

    You listen and do what you need to open & receive it. If you want, you can first listen to my guided relaxation.

    You allow it to happen. Give yourself extra time, especially the first listenings, so that you can go deeper – it is powerful!


    Your Unique LifeTones LIVE

    Wee book a time for your LifeTones session

    – We are together live when the tones come, online or in person

    You get the recording through email (mp3-file, typically about 8-15 min)

    Your own play with the tones

    Then you listen as much as you wish. Many listen a lot in the beginning. Letting their own voice make sound if it wants to!
    You can also play the tones aloud in your spaces for upgrade, like your home, at work, in the car, in nature – or place the speaker against different parts of your body for harmonisation & activation. Play as you feel called to!

    I walk side by side with you through videos, emails, and in our community. You are also invited to a integration group call online with a harmonising soundbath within a few weeks.

    Dr Kim D’Eramo (grundare av American Institute for Mind-Body Medicine) shares about her experience with receiving her LifeTones (short clip):


    “I had the vision that my life was like an electric cord lying on the ground near an outlet but not plugged in. Listening to your tones made me feel like I was plugged in – it was an electric full body and soul experience that transcended words and brought cleansing tears of release and renewal. I felt like my body had recalibrated to a new frequency when you finished. I have never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful…”

    / Elizabeth Pinney Hall, Intuitive eating coach, Connecticut

    What you get

    This is what you get:

    • Recording of Your Unique LifeTones (ca 8-15 minute mp3-file for download)
    • Before the session:
      – Video to prepare
      – Guided relaxation (audio)
      – Opening LifeTones (audio)
    • The session:
      REMOTE (without appointment)
      or LIVE (online or in person)
    • After the session:
      – Videos and love notes from me, days 1-21
      – Integration soundbath (online) together with those who have received their tones during the month
      – Sacred space: private community (Facebook group) with sharing and community with other wonderful beings who have also journeyed with their LifeTones. I respond to what comes up and assist with videos, etc
    • Optional: additional private sessions, discounted, for integration & harmonisation (see Golden package)


      • REMOTE Your Unique LifeTones: 320 USD
      • UPGRADE Your Unique LifeTones: 260 USD
      • LIVE Your Unique LifeTones: same plus 120 USD
      • GOLDEN PACKAGE Your Unique LifeTones PLUS two private sessions: same plus 160 USD
      Halo Brännatjärn

      Golden Package

      -Your Unique LifeTones
      -PLUS two discounted private online sessions to activate, harmonise & integrate. During the session you receive a soundbath with LifeTones (I record it). You can have the sessions before or after your tones.

      Do you want to have a chat first?

      Book a free Exploration Call with me to see if we’re a fit and if Your Unique LifeTones is in alignment for you right now. 20 minutes on Zoom, without obligations:


      LifeTones are about the wholeness of the soul and body. They touch and resonate, they heal and cure, they open up and embrace, they put my body in a state of security and love so that the soul has the courage to heal and see…
      They give my soul a channel to dance with the divine

      / Moa Koskelainen, Källedal, Sweden

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