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Immerse yourself in vibrational experiences to rejuvenate, upgrade & enjoy your being:
Online, in person & in nature retreats, soundbaths, voice toning groups – and the wonders of LifeTones of the Flowers!


Do you want me to bring toning or sound to your community, business or retreat?

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The Hibiscus has a unique message for you

LifeTones Journey to the Heart of Hibiscus
Summer 2024

Join this online journey when you’re curious to:

  • expand your connection with flowers & nature
  • immerse yourself & upgrade through the pure vibrations of Hibiscus
  • connect deeply to your heart and enjoy being You in your uniqueness
  • nurture your own unique expression


Do you feel Hibiscus calling you? Join us anytime during May 28-July 16!

Journey to the Heart of Hibiscus

A near-flower experience in a flowerful powerful virtual space
What’s Hibiscus inviting you to experience, explore and express…?

Twinflower The Journey

Soundbath with VoxAnna at LOVE NOW-festival

Bathe in Love vibes when the new LOVE NOW festival vibrates at the heart of Umeå, Sweden. August 9-11

Tickets and programme »

Sound celebration of the Heart

Celebrate & Be Inspired! Free Online Soundbath Aug 4

Come celebrate and be inspired by the New! With VoxAnna’s new website I was inspired to extend the celebration vibes for all of us. We’ll let sound & tones carry frequencies to:

1 CELEBRATE. What wants to be celebrated in you & your life here & now?
2 be INSPIRED through the portal of the sound. What NEW wants to come in to your life?

Stay tuned for more info »

Klangbad Voxanna

Next Soundbath

Frequencies from gongs, crystal instruments & voice activate your harmony, wholeness & expansion. Soundhealing all the way down to your cells!

Stay tuned for next opportunity, online or in person

Experience the magic at Brännatjärn, northern Sweden

In the glade by the tarn, the veils between worlds are thin
Stars reflecting in the water. Lightbeings playing
You can rest deeply here, breathe it out. And in!
Something new awaits to be born within you
Can you hear the whispers…?


Forest Soundbath

Stay tuned for next event in the wonder-filled forest by the tarn!

Or book your private retreat in the tiny guest house by the water
Get in touch with me here »

Privat retreat vid Brännatjärn strax utanför Umeå


Rocked by frequencies for rejuvenation & upgrade, in the cocoon of the hammock by the Brännatjärn lake (17 km from Umeå C, Sweden).
Nature, gongs, crystal instruments, LifeTones, your higher self – all co-create magic in a unique experience

Learn more »



“Thank you for an absolutely amazing day by the tarn!! I don’t have words for all the beautiful things that came to me, and how deeply loving it felt. Wow!”

/ Malin Magnusson, Umeå

Rejuvenation hammock




Breathe, connect

receive IT here now

from the Heart of Brännatjärn…

Blue winter Brännatjärn

You held space for us so beautifully! Your peace and warmth made me feel safe & held. I enjoyed all the beautiful and magical things you shared. I truly felt the transforming and healing power of sound, and when I closed my eyes, I saw the tones of energy flowing towards me like little glittering golden grains – I will always remember that

/ Lisa

I feel lightness, peace, joy, everything is ok, everything is possible. Wherever I was before the LifeTones, I don’t remember. I have a huge smile on my heart!

/ Arlene

You assist with genuine love that reaches deep into every cell of the body. I have not experienced anything as profound and healing as your sound sessions. They embrace and heal in a way I’ve scarcely experienced before

/ Birgitta

Love!! Sparkling in the body! And now, when that cork was pulled out during our call, it’s bubbling and it feels absolutely amazing. So much love!
Anna, what a gift to have met you and to have experienced these calls. So beautiful! And this time, I find no other word to use than MINDBLOWING, WOHO, YAY, and OMG!!

/ Annika

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