Twinflower 1/Linnéa 1/Linnée boréale 1

The first flower is here!
Very gently introducing themselves, showing us their home, inviting us to lean down, to open our eyes and ears, to zoom into their world, to be curious and listen with our hearts and begin to open up for what they have to share with us…

Here I share this first short video, and also its soundtrack in the audio. You can receive the way you feel called to. The video to watch and listen. Only the audio. The video without sound. Etc. Play with it your own way!

To go deeper and “unpack” the gifts, you can or watch several times. Maybe you’d like to combine it with the Activation soundbath.

Before receiving this flower

I invite you to take a few moments to allow yourself to come home within – so the mind can rest and you can receive the flower through your heart.

Or just make yourself comfortable, relax and notice your breath in the body
You may put a hand on your heart
You are here now
In your heart
Invited into the forest – by and with Twinflower

So just relax, receive, and allow the sounds to play with you

This flower has a message that’s unique for you
All you have to do is to allow it


If you like, you may listen to this 5 minute Flower Foreplay meditation:

Twinflower 1/Linnéa 1/Linnée boréale 1 – VIDEO

Twinflower 1/Linnéa 1/Linnée boréale 1 – AUDIO

Thank you, lovely Linnéa!

Voice: Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Linnaea borealis recorded July 1, 2021, outside of Hissjö, Umeå in the north of Sweden

Thank you for keeping this track private
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2021. All rights reserved

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