Great Mother Love. Guided LifeTones Experience {Audio}

A guided journey through the magic of a LifeTones soundscape – into the wonder of receiving deeply, unconditionally! Guidance & voice alchemy beyond words {Audio}

150 kr

Come journey through the magic of this LifeTones soundscape - into the wonder of receiving deeply, unconditionally!
Resting Here & Now on the belly of Mother Earth
At home

You'll be gently guided with words, while the voice alchemy mosaic carries the powerful energies to your whole being. Beyond words & mind, they open up for an awakening experience of remembrance. A profound activation and harmonisation for your system. A homecoming.

"Wowowow! I feel deep belonging with all that is. And nature's inviting me to flow with all that is. So beautiful!"/ Annika Döse, Linköping, Sweden

/Tania Russell, Auckland, New Zealand

Listen to a 53 second taster here:

”It literally comes alive like a VR video game and upgrades in the now as the listener chooses their yes.
It is full of potentials and possibilities to deepen, embrace, allow, receive, connect. Gives the access to magic
But beyond all that 😆
There are no proper words
It simply is” /Dr. Nicole Bailey, Pennsylvania


Duration: 13.13 minutes
Voice & arrangements: Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Download package content:
  • Audio file in two formats: wav (CD-quality – larger file), and mp3 (smaller file)
  • Guide & welcome pdf

Great Mother Love is a sequel //fristående fortsättning//
to the BIRTH Journey, the foundation & introduction to this series of LifeTones experiences. In BIRTH we are miraculously birthed from The Tone of Creation into a body on the planet. Check it out here

Based on a true story

©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2023. All rights reserved

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