It’s with great joy I’m sharing Twinflower 5 today! A harmonising & gentle toning. It completed my sessions with Twinflower, where they above all had deepened my surrender to the voice of the Heart 💖

It’s the last flower toning on our journey. A beautiful one to let everything come together.

Twinflower 5 is also the one who first showed me how to play in the sound editor with the voice track I’d been recording in nature! Again, no studio overdubs, only my intimate encounter with Twinflower in the forest that July morning.

I often see you receiving as if you were inside the flower! 😍 All future recipients are cuddling up close to each other. Actually, I often see you wearing Twinflower as a hat – they are embracing your heads with their Love, Joy, Peace & Light! 😄 To get this intimate experience, you’d probably want to listen with headphones, and maybe watch the video on the laptop with a bigger screen – to get the feeling of being really close, infused and surrounded by the flowers.

Purification, activation & harmonisation with Twinflower

If you like, you can play Twinflower through speakers in a room that’s asking for the purity of Twinflower 5’s energy. Or put the speakers on different parts of your body for an upgrade or harmonisation, depending on where you’re at.

Play with it your own way!

Before receiving

Before receiving this flower, I invite you to make yourself comfortable, relax and feel your breath
Allow any sensations in this moment

You are here now
This flower has a message that’s unique for you
You can just allow it

If you feel it,m you can listen to the Flower Foreplay to get into the mood:

Video Twinflower 5

Audio Twinflower 5

Linnaea borealis recorded July 1, 2021, outside of Hissjö, Umeå in the north of Sweden

Voice: Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Thank you for keeping these tracks private
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2021. All rights reserved

More Inspirations how to Play with the Flower Audios

This video is from the live version of the Twinflower journey – with some super vibrant inspirations how the participants were playing with the flowers!

What’s your way of listening? We’d love to hear it in the FB-group!

Thank you Linnéa Twinflower!

With this flower, our journey is very near its end. Only one soundbath left. Keep playing with the flowers in your own way – and invite them and into your day-to-day life together with your new awareness!

Thank you, lovely Linnéa, for reminding me to surrender to the Voice of my Heart, and for blessing our unique expressions in the world!

Thank you dear participant for being here on this journey with me & the tones, with all other participants through time & space – and with the flowers!


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