Time to play! And to receive the next blessing from the Twinflowers!

It’s also time to be curious:
how do the high vibes of these flowers want to play in your day-to-day life?
Through you, for you, and for the whole?

Ask the Flower of your Heart – and it will show you!

The energy of Twinflower 4 is activating, with almost no “warm-up” – it will move you! And maybe play you out of your comfort zone…?
If you’re more in to be gently embraced today, I invite you to listen to something more soothing and come back to this one later. Or watch without sound! You may ask your heart to guide you 💗

Video Twinflower 4 (activating)

Audio Twinflower 4 (activating)

Do you notice that the flowers are reflected in your life? 🙂

Linnaea borealis recorded July 1, 2021, in a deep forest outside of Hissjö, Umeå in the north of Sweden

Voice (LifeTones & LigthSounds): Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Thank you for keeping this track private
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2021. All rights reserved

After receiving & decoding, you may want to read some of my experiences:

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Blessings for the creation that comes through you, for you – and for the whole, the holy


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