Time for our second Twinflower (named #3) – they have an activating quality and are letting us come really close! Speaking through a vibrant language of the heart, revealing secrets these flowers have been desiring to share for soo long…

There’s nothing you have to understand or do with the sounds & images. They might be making you cry or laugh or judge or become wide open or nothing…. or maybe all at once! It will change over time as the sound codes go deeper.

If your mind gets confused – that’s perfect! You’re tuning in to something new, and new pathways are being opened. Invite curiousity! Allow your Heart to listen and receive as the flower appears, clearer and clearer ❤

Before Receiving

Gift yourself a precious moment to arrive and be present to what is
Become aware of your body, breath, Heart space
So you can welcome the flower through your heart, beyond the mind’s interpretation

You might want to listen to the guided Flower Foreplay meditation:

Twinflower 3/Linnéa 3/Linnée boréale 3

Twinflower 3 has an activating quality. If you’re more into something soothing for the moment, you can come back later – or watch the video in silence to begin to connect.

Video Twinflower 3

Audio Twinflower 3

I wish you a vibrant Twinflower journey!

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