Be still, listen, receive – and allow the expansion of HARMONY in your life
Love – left channel
Joy – right channel
Peace – middle

Love, Joy, Peace & Harmony are innate in all of us – they are qualities of the heart, vibes singing at the core of each one of us!

I hear & feel these qualities as music, and I sing my way through opening for & integrating each one of them. The tones carry vibrations that speak directly to the cells of the body, so that each specific quality can be activated within and expand.

..and the song of HARMONY can be integrated

Now it’s your turn to try their power!

//** receive in stillness & repeat track for full energetic benefit **//

(Listen: orange arrow upper left. Download: down arrow upper right)

What do you experience with these tones? I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a note!

These LifeTones were inspired by The Plenitude Effect – a project by Golden Heart Wisdom to activate & integrate twelve vibrations of the heart, innate in all of us.

Copyright © 2020 Anna Kollberg, All rights reserved

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