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In this group you can connect with other flower people, and you are so welcome to share your experiences with the flowers!

Content Overview

In 8 modules, you’ll receive:

  • the guided LifeTones Journey BIRTH
  • five Twinflower LifeTones (four as videos & audios, and one as audio only)
  • three soundbaths: Activation, Connection & Integration
  • a guided Flower Foreplay Meditation to listen to before receiving a flower
  • a few videos where I assist your journey

Your pace. When this journey was live, we had one module per week. You may follow this pace, or find your own. Anyway, I invite you to stay with each module/flower for some time before moving on to the next – to allow yourself to really enjoy and get to know it! And it will go deeper.

All flowers, all audios, all videos are downloadable so you can have them on your phone! (See below for instructions)

The soundbaths are from the premier live Twinflower journey (the sharings from the participants have been removed so only the soundbaths and my introductions are included here). Downloadable as well.

Listening to Receive Optimally from the Flowers

  • Receive through your Heart – that’s the invitation from the flowers!
    Simply take a few moments to arrive HERE & NOW before you listen to a flower. You may want to prepare with the Flower Foreplay Audio (you’ll find it right above each flower), or do it your own way.

    Allow the connection with your Heart – the space where you’ll receive the full potential of the blossoming soundcodes. Your attention on the mind can rest and simply sink down to your heart. What we’re playing with here is far beyond what the limited mind can understand.

    Breeeeathe in the experience, as if you were breathing through your heart.

    Say YES to receive!
  • Use headphones for optimal energetic benefits
    I invite you to use headphones to start with (at least first times you listen).
    If you have a good set of headphones, try them. Sound quality & experience can differ significantly from a head set for phone calls, so this could be something to play with.
  • Listen several times to allow the sounds to ge deeper, to decode and integrate within you. The repeat function is great!
  • Play with the sounds in your own way! Follow your flow & signals. Don’t push – AND give it the space that will unveil the gifts for you
  • If you forget about the flowers. A form, like listening first thing in the morning or before going to bed or after brushing your teeth may assist you to come back and remember. You will always be given a chance to embrace any avoidance patterns and lovingly start anew.

How to Download & Play the Audios & Videos

Download a Flower Audio

  1. Choose “Listen in browser” to listen in the player directly on the flower’s page here in your membership:

2. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of its SoundCloud player on the page to download the audio:

Download a Flower or other Video on Vimeo

  1. Click on the video title to go to its Vimeo page:

2. With step 1. you have opened a new window with this video on Vimeo’s site – this is where the down arrow for downloading is found. Click to download the video:

Technical support

To receive technical support, reach out to us at support {at} voxanna.com

All content is for your private use only. Thank you for keeping it private

Content from the live Messages of Twinflower Journey by VoxAnna, February to March 2022.
All content ©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna. 2023. All rights reserved

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