Thank you, dear Twinflower friend!//Tack kära Linnéavän! It’s time for our last soundbath – to let all the gifts from this journey come together to integrate in you and your life

It’s been a privilege and an honour to journey with you and the LifeTones of Twinflower – I’m filled with joy, love and deep appreciation for our connection!

Now as we’re moving on with new projects, we’re bringing the Messages of Twinflower in our hearts. Anytime, we can connect to these qualities! Whether we feel them or not, they’re always and forever there. We can allow them to fill us, just by being willing and saying YES. And they will emanate… and we can explore them, playfully and allow them to go even deeper…

We are co-creating a new world!
Just by playing, being open, allowing, and following the inspirations

Integration Soundbath

Our final soundbath, to complete this journey! Two days before it was live, I received the new amazing lotus gong. All the way from Nepal to Sweden.

The inscription is Om Mani Padme Hum – a deeply purifying mantra, carrying the essence of Buddha’s teachings.

I’m not a yogini. But to me, the mantra (and the gong) relates to the opening of the sacred Flower of the Heart. Like a lotus, growing with its roots deep in the mud, opening its most delicate parts to the light, sharing its immense beauty and impeccability with the world.

Vulnerable. Open. Powerful. Connected.

Such a gift! What’s it got in store for you?

The Lotus Gong

The Lotus Gong

Introduction to the Integration Soundbath

Twinflower is reminding us of how to be in Harmony with all that is. Even with chaos!
Their LifeTones communicate something that’s already within you
(Excerpt from the live call)

Integration Soundbath Audio

To this soundbath, you can bring anything from your journey with Twinflower and ask for all the gifts to be unveiled to you, and integrated.

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