What’s it been like for you so far?
Do you feel something that’s being unveiled for you when meeting Twinflower like this?
What do you notice in your relation with Twinflower? And with your relation with nature, and with yourself?

Today, I invite you to take a few moments and simply let your experiences so far come to your awareness……

Breathe and let yourself arrive here & now

You don’t have to come up with an answer from the mind!
Flow down to your heart and allow what comes to you from your Twinflower bouquet to be seen: all the gifts and experiences, without judgement – this is an opportunity to simply welcome & acknowledge all of it

(If discomfort arises: know that all of your experience is a gift, even things you dislike. All of it is an invitation for you to experience & express Life in an even richer way. So, if you feel stuck with something, you may ask your Heart How is this a gift for me? Show me how to accept this as an invitation to live even more fully? Breathe and rest and notice and allow Life to flow through you…..)


And now… in this light of your awareness:

I invite you to celebrate!

Yes, to celebrate your Twinflower experiences so far, and where YOU’re at in this very moment!

So simple. And powerful!
Just pause right here, breathe – and celebrate YOU and TWINFLOWER!

Simply because you are here

I am here too – with Twinflower! – celebrating you!
Seeing both of you as the wonder-filled, beautiful, perfect expressions of Life itself that you are

Allow that to sink in for a moment… ahhhhhh….

How do you celebrate?

Is your celebration a silent moment where you’re bathing in an inner WOW, resonating with the Universe’s Awe & Celebration for you?
Or does it take on a form in your outer world? A candle, a bath, a dance party, a wild song, or…?

Or is your mind telling you there’s nothing to celebrate…? In that case, I invite you to ask Twinflower to play with you for a moment, to embrace anywhere you don’t know how to, or even why, celebrate. To embrace you so your heart & eyes can open, if only a tiny bit more – for the beauty that YOU already ARE <3

Sharing your celebration

If it makes your heart sing – share your celebration or Twinflower experiences with us in the FB-group! We’d love to hear it, and to connect with you!

If you have questions or something to share, let me know!

If you’d like to meet me 1:1, I’m right here. You can have a private sound session (book here and use coupon FLOWER15 for 15% discount. Email me if there are no times for you)

Maybe you feel curious and called to recieve your unique LifeTones! Drop me a note and we can chat about it


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