GIFT. LifeTones for the Plenitude Effect: HARMONY

Listen – activate – connect to the vibes of your Heart…
…to the song that’s always there, ready to fill you, your life & the world with HARMONY from the inside out!

A 3.22 minute soundhealing tonebath with LifeTones for Love, Joy, Peace & Harmony


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Listen - activate - connect to the vibes of your Heart... the song that's always there, ready to fill you, your life & the world with Harmony from the inside out!

This is a gift with LifeTones: short, simple & powerful voice tonings.
They vibrate the frequencies of Love, Joy, Peace & Harmony.
In this intimate & subtle way, they activate & deepen those qualities - that are inherent within all of us - so they can integrate and expand in YOU

Just be still, listen, receive - and allow the expansion of Harmony in your life!

Maybe your voice wants to play along too, in its unique way!

What's LifeTones? Read more here

These LifeTones were inspired by The Plenitude Effect
- a
project by Sylvie Olivier & Golden Heart Wisdom to activate & integrate the innate qualities of the Heart present in each one of us.


The LifeTones for Love, Joy and Peace were created independent of one another, as I connected with these qualities one by one over a period of three months. Peace was the last one. When I took the Peace tones into my music editing program to cut the noise in beginning and end - Joy just happened to start playing in another app on my computer simultaneously! I was SO surprised to hear how beautifully they fit together!

Then I couldn't wait to explore if the Love tones also wanted to join - since the three of them together make up Harmony according to the way Golden Heart Wisdom shares the Plenitude Effect.
Again, surprised to hear that they were playing together, in tune!
So much Appreciation for how these frequencies play, by themselves!

How do they want to play you?

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