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Come be who you are!

 Do you want to return to harmony? To experience Joy within you, unconditionally? To activate the New? To remember who you are? Not later, when you’ve “solved your problems,” but now?

I am here to walk side by side with you and remind you of the divine order that resides within you. I hear miracles & magic singing inside of you…

Come be the Gift that you are, for yourself and the world!


I truly love the magic that is created through you and your voice, the sounds of the tones, the harmonies, the gong. And your guidance which is so in alignment, honest and true, light and uplifting, supportive and warm. Straight from the heart, simply. It is so valuable and has assisted me so very much on my own journey, in so many ways, on so many levels.

/ Marie

Anna vid tjärnen där hon lockar toner
Privat klangbad

› Private soundsession

Do you long for harmony, or to activate the new? Experience a purifying rest and energetic upgrade with sound & LifeTones. Gongs, crystal instruments, and voice tune in to and vibrate what is you, so you can experience your whole self.

See you online (powerful! and you get a recording) or in person.

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Ta emot livstoner

› Receive Your Unique LifeTones

Do you wish to meet yourself and receive more of the divine Gift that you are?

Expansive, multidimensional upgrade with lightcodes for you when you wish to remember and align with your whole Self. From the Light of your Source to your body and reality here on Earth.

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Privat retreat vid Brännatjärn strax utanför Umeå


Rocked by frequencies for rest and renewal, in the hammock cocoon by the magical Brännatjärn (17 km from Umeå C, Sweden). Nature, gongs, crystal instruments, Life Tones, your higher self – all co-create magic in this unique experience

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“You have shown me a different path, one that leads to my heart. I’ve had so much in my head. Tried to understand. But the magnificence that exists in my LifeTones!!!! Actually, it’s together with you that I have found that light within me. I’ve filled the hole in me with love – the light, joy, and peace that exist in the light of my soul. I’ve found my nectar”

/ Gunnel Holm Knuutinen

You wanna play…?


Livstoner vid jordelivets slut

› LifeTones for the Transition

Assistance through the transition at the end of life on earth. I sing LifeTones to assist you or your loved one to a light and peaceful journey Home.

Assistance for you or a near one through the transition at the end of life on Earth. The LifeTones show the way to the Light for the one leaving, and assist those who remain. This is how my own father showed me when he transitioned, in complete peace

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Expected child

› LifeTones for the expected/newborn baby

Do you want to assist the baby to remember their greatness, and to bring their whole Self to life on Earth? Do you wish to deepen your relation with the baby, before or after they are born?

This is how it works »

“I really appreciate the softness you share through your energy. An allowing energy that makes people change just by being close to you”

/ Anna Maria Isis

Where do I start?

Book a free exploration call with me so we can connect and see if we are a good fit for each other and how VoxAnna could contribute to you right now. 20 minutes on Zoom or phone. Open and without obligations:

Or book a 1:1 soundbath right away if you are curious to try! Online or in person
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I reach something very special in moments with you – because you also reach in and feel what is happening. So powerful!

You are a great inspiration and show how it is possible to follow what comes to us. It feels like healing on several levels – both for me and for others

/ Agnetha Blomberg MacCormack

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