Meet Anna

Playing with what makes the heart sing

I lean against the small crooked mountain birch. The tree line is close now. The sun is shining from a high & clear sky. My body is pulsating, filled with joy.

The view is magnificent over the fjord, valley & mountains on the other side. But all I see is a tiny little flower! It… wants to tell me something, deeper. I try to understand. It doesn’t work at all, so I give up.
And then! My heart opens… the veils lift…


I HEAR the Flower’s Song:

You don’t have to be wonderful
You can simply be who you ARE

Tones & words are flowing through my voice from the Essence of the flower. It is shining, in its simple magnificence. So am I!

Later down in the valley, I share the Flower’s Song with the others. It touches them, deeply. Message delivered. A profound shift.

Flower tones in the world – what a wondrous joy, for everyone!

The meeting on the mountain opened the portal to LifeTones of the Flowers

Skogsstjärna dricker ljus

It started there. And that’s what it’s like with VoxAnna. I share & transmit inspirations that come through me in sacred play. I now know that our pure inspiration is always the highest!

That which makes my heart sing is what lights up the world and what I am here to share. Maybe with you…?

Something had been calling me

It had been a long journey to the flower. I’m very connected to the Love & Light that’s present everywhere, so as I was growing up it made no sense the way people were acting and the world was functioning. There must be something wrong with me…

I came to a point where I literally lost my voice in a world where I thought it was impossible for me to be who I am, and impossible to keep trying to fit in!

I tried all sorts of methods—but I could no longer “be a good girl and do it right and everything will be fine”

There was something calling deep inside of me
That wouldn’t be silenced until I stopped trying to fix it and just listened

It was Me
My Voice

Anna lyssnar hjärtat vid älven
Anna ligger vid tjärnen intill gongen

I found my courage to listen with wise people walking side by side with me

There it was, ever-present in me
a source flowing above inside underneath all else

I still remember the very moment I realised that I have the power to choose to access IT in my heart, unconditionally! A choice in an uncomfortable situation–and my reality opened, instantly!


The iridescent world was here!  The Light. Not in nature far away from all the noise, but here in the ordinary world that I’d been hiding from.

I Am Here Now

The voice showed me the way

Proffsliv i köket, broderad av Maja Kollberg

The voice awakened – and awakened me! It played me, filled with Light from the Source deep within.

The voice immediately takes me to my Heart
A golden key to the portal of all that I Am


The delicious undefinable Anna-ness!

Yes, it’s already here, within us, when we stop trying to fix, control or acheive

“You can simply be who you are”,
as the flower is singing in my heart

THIS is where we play when you meet VoxAnna

I transmit frequencies that assist you with the clarity to remember your accesspoint to your magic & miracles here & now. In play! Are you curious to learn more?

Whispers between the Worlds

Life became so Light! I saw with Clarity! It was fluid!

This is when I met the mountain flower and remembered my deep connection with nature. In the midst of magic & miracles again!

Gongs & crystal bowls came my way. Oh how I love sound! The way it activates & harmonises. I learnt from gong-masters, schamans, soundhealers.

I started to come out of my hiding place to share with the world, from my heart



I had moved from surviving

 to living

  to playing


Another portal opened unexpectedly by Vide:

Leka från Hjärtat

Newborn Vide showed me the power of LifeTones

He was born three months early. This was before I had realised the power of the voice – but his mother just knew and asked me to sing for him when he got ill.

Guided by Vide, my voice tuned in and was filled with his unique Light.

Vide came back to the body and chose life on Earth! Just as I had done myself through the tones.

That’s how LifeTones came to being.

People started to reach out to me from far & wide to remember, and allow something New in their infinite potential to come to life here & now

Hear me share about the experience with Vide when LifeTones came into being:

VoxAnna arrived

I hear in high octaves–it used to make life in the body confusing to me. When VoxAnna landed it all made sense. She came as a vibrant whisper in my heart, giving my experiences and uniqueness new meaning. Inspiring me to play with what I perceive – to unveil Light and assist others to  come back home to harmony and remember

A Bridge to the Heart

Connecting to the Heart has changed my reality. Tuning into the innate Love. The unconditional Joy of living! Seeing through the Heart and letting the wonder of being alive unveil itself.

Life responds immediately–what I choose to give my awareness expands. Have you noticed? How we make ourselves accessible for the miracles Life already has for us. In the unattached openness, we receive and play along. Wow, when I was in the dark I had no idea it’s so simple! Way beyond the struggles of the limited mind.

Maybe you’d like to experience new flavours of this with me, within yourself…

Your uniqueness makes creation complete

I can hear it–the essential tone that you are in the Symphony of Creation! I love to hear it sing…

That’s why I’m so happy that you are here!

Feel free to taste what I share–maybe with your unique voice–and keep what resonates with you.

Yes, what is singing within you?
What wishes & wonders are whispering in your heart?
I’d love to hear from you!

Anna vid björken

-See you in the Green World…

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