This Twinflower came with their message as an audio (no video).
As usual, I recorded the LifeTones in the field, in an intimate encounter with the flower. Then at home, they invited me to play around with the recording in the sound editor (no overdub, only the original tones from the forest). They seem to be wanting to sound together – a symphony of voices of the Heart

Before receiving

Make yourself comfortable, invite relaxation and notice your breath
Allow any sensations in this moment
You are here now
This flower has a message that’s unique for you
All you have to do is to allow it

If you like, you may listen to the Flower Foreplay before receiving:

Twinflower 2 (Audio)

Listen with headphones for optimal surround benefits (at least first few listenings)

Note that this Twinflower message comes as an audio only. There’s no video – but he flowers on the picture in the SoundCloud player below are the ones singing!

Linnaea borealis recorded July 1, 2021, in a deep forest outside of Hissjö, Umeå in the north of Sweden

After receiving & decoding – if you want to read some of my experience:

Yes, I surrender to the Voice of my Heart

I listen
This is who I AM
I let go
I surrender

I surrender to the Voice of my Heart
This is Who I AM

Thank you for the reminder & invitation, sweet Linnéa!


Voice (LifeTones): Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Thank you for keeping this track private
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2021. All rights reserved

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