Dear flower friend, welcome to the first soundbath – a super vibrant, powerful & sooooft activation!

Let it activate the Flower of your Heart – and open your entire being to receiving this journey in a way that’s optimal for YOU!

During our soundbaths, I invite all present and future participants, live and remote. So you are in this call too! I connect to the Source to allow the energy for all of us to come through my voice as LifeTones & LightSounds, and through the gongs, crystal singing bowls & pyramids, singing bowls, monochord, bells etc. Co-creating sounds to relax, harmonise, purify & awaken you to Be Home & remember your Wholeness. Who you truly Are!

Introduction to the Activation

(Excerpt from the first call of the Twinflower journey when it was live)

To Receive this Soundbath

Prepare a safe space where you can be undisturbed and rest really comfortably.
Bring cushions and blankets if you wish. A cup of tea or water.
Headphones are great to receive fully, at least the first time(s).

You may want to light a candle for you, Twinflower and this journey.

Breathe and allow your awareness to come home to rest in your Heart.
You don’t have to do anything with the sounds, or understand the soundbath or what’s going on:

simply rest and allow yourself to receive, beyond what the limited mind comprehends

During the soundbath, I invite you to allow any sensations, beyond judgement. Breathe with them. Even if there would appear sounds you don’t like! This is only the mind coming in to protect you. The sounds play their magic with you anyway. And when a sound makes us feel unfortable, it’s because it moves stuck energies that are in the way of you being YOU and the energy flowing freely.

So, you don’t have to hold on to some sensations or push others away. Let your Heart embrace you and show you that they are neither good nor bad – only different tastes of Life itself flowing through you.
Just say yes and experience them as they come and go.

The journey is smoother and so much more enjoyable when we breathe, allow and appreciate ALL of its flavours!

(If you like, you can also go back and listen to the Guide video with listening inspirations in the Introduction module where I share about soundbaths)

Activation Soundbath (Audio)

Recorded live February 7, 2022 for the Messages of Twinflower journey

After the soundbath

Breathe and rest in silence in the reverberation of the sounds for a while.

When you come back, take a moment to notice where you’re at now. What’s going on in you, and how was your journey?

Be open to receive and follow if inspirations or guidance come through! If not, that’s perfect too.

Maybe you’d like to move, to make sounds, to yawn, to dance, to scribble, to paint or draw, or to journal.

Share your experience with us in the FB-group if you like!

I invite you to listen a few times and as often as you wish to allow the sounds to go deeper and to play their magic in co-creation with the innate intelligence of your system! During this non-verbal decoding & integration period, it’s beneficial to drink extra, to take pauses to breathe in your daily activities, to move, dance, take baths/showers etc. Maybe your body’s longing for something different to eat?
Be curious & open to your inspirations and follow them.

©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2022. All rights reserved

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