Hear Life sing within you

Hi, I’m Anna, it makes my heart sing that you are here – I hear Life sing within you! Perfection & beauty beyond words.

I call it LifeTones. The Essence of Life itself vibrating in unique ways in all that is. Tones for you when you want to remember who you are and come back home in your heart, whole & complete here & now.

Do you wish to hear LifeTones and open the door to your heart and the gifts inside of you? I have a gift for you:

Enter a world of vibrations

Kliv in hos VoxAnna, Anna med klangskål vid tjärnen

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Be Home with LifeTones

Unique experiences for Your Wholeness

-I hear the LifeTones of the flowers


The Flower has a Message for You

All the way from the stars, I hear the flowers sing: the LifeTones of the flowers! A language of the Heart, communicating their innate intelligence.
Allow these unique flower frequencies to touch and awaken you, beyond words

LifeTones goes to the depth of your being to resonate OUT all that is not aligned with your highest expression of self/ highest truth, and allows it to release, while strengthening and calling IN all that is your highest life!

/ Dr. Kim D'Eramo

MD. Founder, American Institute for Mind-Body Medicine

LifeTones are celestial… they lifted me and carried me to the clouds, connected to the divine, to all sentient beings. I feel lightness, peace, joy, everything is ok, everything is possible. Wherever I was before the LifeTones, I don’t remember. I have a huge smile on my heart!

/ Arlene Broussard

Wealth Expander, Heartful Wealth

My life was like an electric cord lying on the ground near an outlet but not plugged in. Listening to the LifeTones made me feel like it was plugged in – it was an electric full body and soul experience that transcended words and brought cleansing tears of release and renewal. I felt like my body had calibrated to the new frequency when the tones finished.
I have never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful. Listening to LifeTones is a magical experience

/ Elizabeth Pinney Hall

Mind-Body & Intuitive Eating Coach, Elizabeth Hall Coaching

Play with the Gift

…of being you
vibrating in harmony with all that is around you!

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